HealthCare or Disease Promotion?

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I am migrating from one hosting site to another and am not very BLOG savvy as of yet... after all, we're healers, not computer programmers.  That said, I wanted to share some thoughts I had last summer (on my prior blogsite).  There is much more to share, as I am now focused on the Pain/ Addiction crisis plaguing humanity at this time.  Take a look at my LOGO "Comfort Quest" and let me know what you think... Doesn't it make much better sense to aim our sights TOWARDS Comfort instead of resisting pain.  As Carl Jung noted, "That which we resist, persists".  Let's refocus our amazing healing energies in a positive manner!

  • U.S. “Health Care”… when will it REALLY be HEALTH CARE vs “disease promotion”?

If the U.S. spent nearly $9K/ capita for health care in 2012, shouldn’t we expect a better Return on Investment (ROI)?  In 2006, when we were spending only $7K/ person, we were still spending more than TWO TIMES the average of other 29 developed countries… yet our health and average life expectancy is “lacking”, to put it kindly. I pulled the data last summer from the website and saw that our US life expectancy was 79 years, which placed us at #37 (all countries included), smack between Qatar and Barbados, with Japan leading the pack with a ripe old age expectancy of 84.This is a clear example that MORE IS NOT BETTER! What will it take for each of us to turn things around and start claiming more responsibility for our own health?  Better yet, as nurses, I'm asking us all to stand together and join hands and voices to help heal our country... WE are in the trenches and know the answers!  Nursing and Medicine should be calling the shots, NOT the insurance companies... We need to judge our success by quality patient care and empowerment... NOT by speed and patient satisfaction scores.

  • How did we get here?

As we look at history, it is clear that not much has improved since 1970 (avg. US life expectancy 78.2). At that time the US was spending $5.5 Billion for retail prescriptions; in 2012 that spending had increased to $263.3 Billion (OMG). Another interesting point was that in 1970, 82.4% of those costs were paid “out of pocket”; now only 17.8% is paid personally with the brunt of the costs covered by insurance. One has to wonder... IF we each had to each pay for all of the poisons (prescriptions) we are being told to put into our bodies, would we do so? Especially when the outcomes are no better over the last 45 years!


    We think outside the box?  Could a portion of that $9K/ person of health care $$ be given to each of us as vouchers for healthy foods, INSTEAD of toxic poisons? Clearly our current system is not working well to manage chronic conditions (including obesity) which keep increasing, and is responsible for 7 of 10 deaths in the US. Time for some new ideas… let’s get creative!

We simply cannot keep doing the same thing (throwing lots of $$ toward ineffective medical/ disease management)- Fresh ideas and personal responsibility MUST be given voice and encouragement. Let’s harken back to the simpler days of Hippocrates when he is quoted as saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”… He definitely had the right idea- yet not just the empty calorie “fake foods” so popular these days- they MUST be healthy, real foods that are Nutrient Dense and toxin poor. I envision this as a real possibility- true health and QUALITY years in which each of us can live our lives fully, connecting with our communities and contributing to humanity with our unique talents in life…I look forward to YOUR thoughts and joining together as Nurses Healing HealthCare...Namaste, Lisa