Prayer for Healing 2016-17

Our Father, Our Mother,

who art in heaven and on earth,

hallowed be thy balanced body, mind & spirit;

Thy kingdom now, thy will bestow on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily love & serenity;

and forgive us our shortcomings as we forgive those

who are hurting and learning, as well;

and lead us not into painful despair,

but empower us to heal deeply through love.


For it is through this love and acceptance,

This balancing of our masculine and feminine,

That our karma will be healed; not through fear and punishment,

for only love exists...

Help us to re-member, to re-embodying our true selves

To be the “change we want to see”

For our enlightenment on earth and beyond...




Created 9/26/16 during Goddard College MA quest-  Lisa, RN