Political Parties- Left, Right and Balanced

What’s wrong with Political Parties in the USA today?  I’ve been trying to understand it in an objective, and “un-triggered” fashion- yet the LEFT’s unhinged response to President Trump’s victory and his attempts to protect our country makes no sense to me.  Since I am not an activist or radical, I decided to draw on my expertise in nursing and biology to attempt to understand the violent, impassioned behavior flooding the media and our world today.Obviously, we have two basic political parties in the USA- The Democratic Liberals on the LEFT and Republican Conservatives on the RIGHT.  Sounds polarized already, but wait, it can get better.  When healthy, both parties provide important counterbalance to the other- But today, it’s more of a bullying, spoiled children’s tantrum, funded by a wealthy benefactor (Soros) whose goal is to see the demise of the USA as we know it.Why don’t we BOTH gang up AGAINST Soros- I doubt that any US Citizen, regardless of political affiliation, wants to see America fail.  What we need is a fresh new Meme/ Brand- a different way of looking at our political parties.  Stop the rivalry- it is SO counterproductive! What if we started seeing the political parties as the two hemispheres of the brain within the body of America?

The body functions best when there is balance.

Stop the “Us vs. Them” mentality, and acknowledge/ embrace the struggle for balance in our own left and right brain hemispheres.  Trying to operate the body JUST with the left brain (LOGIC-controls RIGHT side of body- Republicans), or with JUST the right brain (FEELINGS- controls LEFT side of body- Democrats) provides a limited, unbalanced experience of life.  Check out the picture to get a better feel for the complementary aspects of the hemispheres.That’s pretty much where I see our current political divide in America today.  Instead of seeing the value in the opposite side (other ½ of self), we are making the “other” the VILLAIN- basically trying to harm or kill a part of ourselves that we cannot accept or understand.  It is obvious that both sides are hurting (and acting like spoiled children).  Yet, yelling at each other, calling names and inciting violence heals absolutely NOTHING!  We need to open our eyes, hearts and minds and realize that each side has value and is a critical part of the greater whole (the body, America).  Just because we process the world in a different way doesn’t make our views better or worse, just that they are coming from a different perspective.

Complementary Perspectives in Politics

For example, some people prefer ART and others MATH.  My friend looks at life more SUBJECTIVELY while I am more OBJECTIVE.  Neither is “correct” just uniquely different.  Should ART try to destroy MATH, or vice versa?  What if we only FELT our way subjectively through life, without taking into account any objective FACTS?  We’d have our blinders on and possibly get taken advantage of, if we weren’t aware of the blind spots in our field of vision.  Obviously, both hemispheres (parties) are critical to a healthy, holistic America.  Start working together, complementing one another instead of fighting.  If we don’t find a solution, I fear a stroke coming on with paralysis damaging the entire body, America.God Bless America!