Honesty is, and Always will be, The Best Policy  

As such, I will honestly speak the unspeakable and scream, “There’s an Elephant in the Room!!!”  Time for some Refugee Honesty...Despite everyone’s best intentions, there is an obvious clash of cultures and religions between the West and the Middle East.  No matter how much research one attempts to do to get “facts”, the stories are slanted either left or right.  This has most recently made all sides increasingly suspicious of the other (especially with the instant access to social media and propaganda).  We need a different solution to simply dropping unvetted refugees into the lap of Western Society.  Just ask Europe how things are going in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and France… Their Citizens are finally pushing back and resisting, which is making it even more hostile for everyone, and that was NOT the intention of helping people in need.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”  Einstein

I refuse to get caught up in the fear and fighting, so here’s an interesting solution to the refugee issue.  Since the UN is doling out refugees to various countries, apparently without their full consent or input, how about the USA create a “safe space” for the refugees assigned to the USA by having them populate any one of the eight (8) currently uninhabited territories held by the US (per Wikipedia, List of Sovereign States- click link or see below).  Before you object, just hear me out.  We could seriously create a humanitarian program where these unvetted refugees could be safe from harm and go through a proper vetting process to also keep the American homeland secure…We must strive to neutralize extreme emotions in this matter- no one can think straight in constant fear, anger and defensiveness.  As with moving all forms of biological life, this could be seen as a “quarantine process” of sorts, that would keep both people and their cultures safe, while providing for basic human rights of the refugees.  Our refugees would have space to practice their religion in peace and create a safe temporary home for their people.When their native country is safe once again, they could be returned to rebuild and resume their lives.  IF they desired to immigrate to America, and fulfilled the requirements, they could follow the rules like everyone else.  “We are a land of immigrants, and we are a land of laws”… By then, their intentions could be properly vetted.  We, as Americans, would be fulfilling our humanitarian responsibilities to the world’s people, and yet not sacrifice our own Citizens in the process.

Refugee Honesty and Corruption Containment

To further understand the disconnect between cultures, I discovered the Corruption Perception Index (also on Wikipedia).  In 2016, the USA was in the top 20 (as trusted, #18, with Denmark and New Zealand tied for #1).   I was curious about the 7 countries currently on the controversial temporary ban of immigrants/ refugees.  Of the 176 countries ranked (some tied), at the very bottom was Somalia (#176), with Syria (#173), Sudan, Libya, Yemen (all tied at #170), Iraq (#166) and Iran (#131) … OMG- This objectively demonstrates how impossible it would be to properly vet these refugees- the countries are notorious for corruption.  How could we possibly expect honest answers?I know this may sound unusual to some, yet these are unusual times, indeed.  Whether something like offshore refugee homes would work is unknown for the USA, yet the current plan is failing and we all know that something MUST be done differently.  I see the current refugee program as a improperly constructed research project, playing with MY LIFE and the lives of my fellow American Citizens.   Did anyone get a chance to read through the possible harms associated with this project?As such, I am formally withdrawing my consent to this experiment; this has been echoed by the people who democratically elected President Trump.  Our discussion should not be about whether we “like him or not”; the President’s job (and all military members’) is first and foremost to keep the homeland safe; to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  His/ her job as President is NOT necessarily to be "liked".  Let's work together to be creative and entertain sound solutions that will help those in need without destroying our life in America as we know it... Semper Paratus!

List of Sovereign States- USA: Eight (8) Uninhabited territories…

The United States is a federation of 50 states and 1 federal district.The USA has sovereignty over several uninhabited territories:

God Bless America, and God Bless our World!Lisa Evers, RN, BSN, CWO4, USCGR (ret).  Concerned Citizen with a hopeful voice!