With 30 years of Nursing experience (mainly in Emergency Nursing and Addiction Medicine) I have been increasingly frustrated with our lack of true “healing” in America. Sure, we spend a lot of money on health care and medication, but sadly our outcomes are poor. Over the last several years I have been focused on the pain/ opiate addiction that plagues society and I feel that our current pain scale may be fueling our crisis.I started my blog with the idea of it being a place for nurses and health care providers to “vent” and share POSITIVE solutions to common frustrations. My positive new Vision- “Comfort Quest” is a new scale where 10 is “Most Comfortable”, and 0 is “worst pain… similar to old pain scale, yet flipped!No longer will we be fighting against pain; we will listen to our bodies and put our energy into what we seek, Comfort! I will help you discover root causes as to what has been ailing yourself and/ or your patients. At each level, we can explore possible Body, Mind, and Spirit causes for the “Pain”- It is my belief, supported by research, that we need to FEEL… and Release all trapped emotions (and other toxins) to regain our balance. It is time to listen to our bodies’ messages of pain, yet to do so through a POSITIVE lens that will empower true healing.