Happy Valentine’s Day, and Ash Wednesday! Love, Spirit

Two very different “feelings/ moods” today- both of which are important and necessary for a healthy life. Love certainly FEELS better initially than the somber mood of ashes and fasting. However, in reconnecting to spirit (through mindfulness/ fasting), we intensify our joyful physical feelings as well.Join me in helping to reunite body, mind & spirit during the final 8 days of my Kickstarter campaign (30% of goal reached). Take a quick look and consider how our actions TODAY may be able to positively impact the future of pain sufferers throughout the world. All it takes is a simple pledge of support and a belief that our body’s messages are striving to help us!Blessings and gratitude!PS- Pledges are not processed unless the goal ($3K) is reached by 2/23/18 8:55am.  TOGETHER, we can make a difference in everyone's lives!https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/581735500/comfort-quest-healing-pain-through-a-transformativ