Toddlers or Troubadours?

Is anyone else tired of the incessant fighting and bickering in the world, today?  We sound like a bunch of rambunctious toddlers, each trying to get his/ her own way without much regard for the other.   What would it feel like if we just STOPPED and took a deep breath together???  PLEASE… let's stop the reactive Saul Alinsky-inspired, confrontational fight against “everything”.  Instead of putting all that energy into fighting AGAINST, it's time for a different approach- One grounded in nature, harmony and new possibilities?  Collaboration (aka- working WITH)!  You may want to resist right now but hear me out… this will be brief!  When something is out of harmony in our bodies, we get a chance to rebalance by listening to cues we are given.  For example, if we have been running errands all day in the heat and forget to drink water, we may feel thirsty and cranky as a result.  Doesn’t make any sense to get MAD at those feelings or fight AGAINST the thirst- simply pause, reflect and drink some quenching water- a gift from Mother Nature. If, however, we keep pushing through the signals it gets harder to fix the situation and we may end up in the Urgent Care center due to dehydration and exhaustion, when all we needed to do was drink water to maintain hydration/ homeostasis.  The point here is that we MUST pause to assess the cause of the problem- If we fail to do so, we may overlook an easy solution or be blindly driven to ignore the signals and “keep on trucking”… after all, it’s not THAT bad yet!  We’re so strong and dedicated, with important work to share!Back to our world today… It now has become THAT bad, yet we don’t seem able to PAUSE long enough to properly assess the situation.  Everyone is so keyed up and reactive- Fighting AGAINST everything and one another (at times with good intentions).  I’ll bet I’d get an argument if I merely commented about the lovely summer weather & sunshine (too hot, too humid, too rainy, too something…).  Let’s stop the insanity and assess what’s really going on!  Is the weather the problem or US?  I invite a more Compassionate, Collaborative (and yes, Feminine) way to elicit healthy change in society- It’s time to harness the Power Within and work TOGETHER, in harmony

How do we Reinvigorate this process?

 1)  Listen to your Authentic Self- the Truth inside of YOU (not the so-called “experts” outside).  I now gauge my trust of any outside suggestions based on the following query-  “What is their motivation?”  THIS is the order I desire:  Purpose, People, Planet and then Profit.  IF driven primarily by Profit or other self-serving mission, I file their suggestions at the bottom of my prioritized list.  As I see it, they are NOT looking out for me, but for themselves… remember that! 2)  Invite dialogue with ANYONE who will share their thoughts, feelings and message in a calm, respectful way and strive to do so through the lens of unconditional love.  Remember the Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”! 3)  Deeply Listen to others, hold space and share your own insight with Confidence and Compassion- No two people can ever see a given situation in the same way… As humans, we each possess history, biases, experiences, cultural conditioning, etc.  NONE of these needs to be apologized for or demonized; merely accepted as influential (without judgment)- “Seek first to understand” (both self & others)… only then can we move forward.   

4)  CO-Create a healthier New Story/ Concerto with clear boundaries, rights and responsibilities.  We each have a unique mission/ purpose on Earth and must be encouraged to share our music in a way that makes for a harmonious concerto, instead of dissonant cacophony.

 This harmony plays out all the time in nature- without any spoken words.  Birds do it, even with all the squirrels competing for food at the feeders.  They don’t go around pecking out the squirrels’ eyes, casting shame or torpedoing them when not looking… they must trust their inner guidance; creating a way to co-exist and thrive.  I think we can do better as human beings- it’s time!  Begin by calling a truce to the pointless fighting, and work on Listening, Collaborating and Co-Creating a healthy New Concerto in a respectful fashion focusing on the “big picture”- Purpose, People, and Planet… long before profits (and personalities)!  😉