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How Many Choices does a Baby Human have in “Pro-Choice”?

NONE... as has been clearly demonstrated in recent legislation/ headlines in New York and Virginia!  Business corporations like Planned Parenthood have personhood and tax exemption status; however, Baby Humans in the United States of America today have NO CHOICE or personhood RIGHTS and can be actively killed right up until delivery (late 3rd trimester).  

How have the hearts of American citizens become SO icy cold that they cheer and support the right to INFANTICIDE?  How can we as WOMEN support such barbaric actions… further minimizing and negating our God-given power to GESTATE LIFE within our Womb space?  

We speak of the return of the Divine Feminine to help balance and heal patriarchy, and yet we vehemently destroy or shame all that authentic femininity embodies:  Gentleness, Compassion, Empathy, Sensitivity, Nurturance, Guardianship and Caring, just to name a few characteristics. 

I know… everyone wants CHOICE and control of their bodies and I fully support Empowerment.  Yet I suggest that this must be done FULLY with everyone accepting responsibility for their choices along the way.  As I see it, there are at least FOUR separate CHOICES that women are making PRIOR to making a choice for 3rd trimester Abortion… the Baby Human has NONE. Let’s think about this more humanely and as adults make healthier choices along the way…

CHOICES 1-4:  Which one could change lives for the better?  

1. Women have multiple choices for Birth Control- Pill, IUD, implant, etc.

              While some religions do not advocate birth control, the prevention of pregnancy (“responsible parenthood concept”) is certainly more palatable than electing 3rd trimester abortions. Fertility Awareness is an aspect of Natural Family Planning & when applying this knowledge through the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM), it is over 99% effective in postponing pregnancy according to their website.

2. Women engage in sexual intercourse.

              Hopefully the choice is voluntarily with a meaningful partner, yet if heinously raped or otherwise taken advantage of, other choices are available before pregnancy/ abortion. 

3. Women should INSIST upon CONDOM use (even with other birth control).

              This is critical to protect self and partner from sexually transmitted infections like HIV, Syphilis, GC, Chlamydia, Herpes, Hep B, Genital warts, etc.  Thoughtful and respectful sexual practice.  At this point, chance of pregnancy has decreased significantly.  Specific efficacy noted here by the CDC. 

4. Plan B is available, if women feel deep regret after intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy.

              Emergency Contraception could replace the need for abortions (best within 3-5 days of intercourse depending on the product).   Plan B is available without a prescription.                

If, for whatever reason, Emergency Contraception was not chosen in time and the woman allows the tiny baby human to develop in the warmth of her nurturing womb for 12 weeks (1st trimester), then on to 24 weeks (2nd trimester), what would cause her to seek termination at the point of viability?  Is she seeking a short-term solution (often without informed consent) that packs potential long-term emotional turmoil decades after her abortion choice?  She could simply deliver the baby and offer him/ her up for adoption, making another couple HAPPY!                 

So, I feel that this Pro-Choice admonition is being overplayed in our country today.  Those who advocate a Pro-Choice stance have actually already made FOUR CHOICES along their path to the pregnancy/ adoption/ abortion choice.  As humans engaging in sexual activity, it is time that we accept responsibility for all of our adult choices and STOP making our Baby Humans pay for our uninformed CHOICES with the ultimate price of DEATH. 

What can we do?  

              When we know better… we should DO better!   Science tells us unequivocally that the human baby is ALIVE with a heartbeat noted at 6 weeks gestation and is certainly viability after 24 weeks.  LIFE is valuable, leading us to connection and expansion of our humanity.  Death and abortion, however, cause separation and constriction of all that is good within us.  Could this be at the root of what is ailing so many in society today?  Let’s reconnect to truth in a life-affirming fashion…            

Reflect upon that special gift of FORETHOUGHT that we uniquely possess as human beings.  When she speaks of our creative minds in her 1/4/18 article entitled, "What Makes us Human", Lisa Marden explains forethought as "the ability to imagine the future in many possible iterations and then to help create the future we imagine."   What type of future do YOU desire?  I want a future grounded in the sanctity of life and our children; otherwise, there really is NO FUTURE for us in the USA, or for Western Civilization as we know it.                   

I ask merely that we keep an open mind and heart as we think about the CHOICES we make each day and how they impact our future.  There is NO JUDGMENT, merely the invitation to rethink what we have been programmed to believe since the 1970’s.  As women especially, I invite each one of us to reembody all that makes us uniquely feminine.  We DO have unlimited CHOICES in the USA today; let’s start making life affirming ones, once again. No one is taking away anyone’s CHOICE… merely asking us all to CHOOSE healthier options earlier!   Call your congressional representatives and say NO to Infanticide! 

Third trimester abortions are BARBARIC and have NO PLACE IN CIVILIZED SOCIETY. 

The USA is one of only 7 countries in the world who even allow abortions after 20 weeks… we CAN and MUST do better than this!

Offered with love and support of LIFE

Lisa Evers, MA, BSN, RN, CWO4, USCGR (ret)  

EFFECTIVE HealthCare for America

TRUE HealthCare should focus on SO much more than insurance, pills, fancy tests and access.  Don’t you think it should be centered around RESULTS like Vitality and Quality of Life?  Sadly, despite spending the MOST money, per capita ($8713/ year)  of any of the 34 OECD countries, the life expectancy in the United States is #27 (78.7 years vs the average of 80.20).  We are obviously not getting much Bang for our Buck! Instead of arguing about EXPANDING ineffective HeathCare (like we have now) why don’t we examine cultures on Earth where people enjoy the highest life expectancies and quality of life, overall. It seems logical to learn from those who have succeeded, instead of continuing to support a failed system in the USA. A team of researchers did just that over a decade ago.  They searched for evidence-based commonalities among all the places on Earth with the highest life expectancies. The concept first appeared as an international concept in the November 2005 National Geographic Magazine cover story "The Secrets of a Long Life"[3] by Dan Buettner. 

The Secrets of a Long Life 

Here are the nine things they found in common; NONE of which require a lot of money or high tech interventions. These lessons can help you — and those you love — live longer, healthier, and happier lives: Move naturally. People in Blue Zones move throughout their day. They walk, grow gardens, and are active without thinking about it.  *No gym membership required. Have a purpose. According to research, knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to 7 years of extra life expectancy.  *What makes your heart sing?  Do it!  Finds ways to slow down and deal with stress. Everyone deals with stress, but people in Blue Zones have routine ways of dealing with it, including napping and getting together with friends.  *Kairos vs Chronos time management… Eat less. The Okinawans have a saying to remind them to stop eating when they are 80% full. This 20% gap can make a difference between losing weight or gaining it.  *It takes at least 20 minutes for our brain to catch up & say “enough”! Eat plant-strong. The vast majority of the food eaten in Blue Zones is derived from plants. They eat what we would call “whole foods” rather than processed food-like products. Buettner says beans are a cornerstone of many of their diets. Drink in moderation or not at all. People in all Blue Zones, except Seventh-day Adventists in California, drink 1 to 2 glasses of red wine per day, often with a meal and with friends. But they never drink to excess. (The Seventh-day Adventists generally don’t drink alcohol at all.)  *Yeah… happy dance! Have faith. Almost all centenarians interviewed belonged to some faith-based community.  *Connection to a Power outside of ourselves is part of our body/mind/spirit balance as human beings.  Find what works for YOU! Put loved ones first. People in Blue Zones put their families first. They keep aging parent and grandparents nearby and invest in their children with time and love.  *Sharing our TIME with family is MUCH more important than sharing money!  Ask anyone on their death beds… no one says, “I wish I spent more time at the office!” Be social. Join or create social circles that support healthy behaviors.  *OK, this is the one where I (as an introvert) must stretch outside my comfort zone… baby steps with some like-minded souls.   

Non-HealthCare Factors

NOWHERE does it say that we must take 5-10 prescriptions medications daily, as is espoused by the pharmaceutical industry!  These very vital, alive elders are celebrating many more birthdays without becoming sick and frail prematurely. I suggest that we follow their lead and put more Life into our Years, instead of merely adding “sick years” to our lives… I think the most interesting finding in the Blue Zone research is that the factors which seem to most EFFECTIVELY improve overall health, vitality AND longevity, have more to do with Non-HealthCare components listed in the OECD tables as Tobacco, Alcohol, Food consumption (fats, sugar, etc) and Body Weight.   It’s ALL about healthy lifestyle choices and movement! Imagine how liberating it would feel to envision a life of vitality and purpose well into our 80’s and 90’s… It IS possible and I support this amazing new narrative!!! We create the reality that we are constantly holding in our consciousness.  Instead of worrying about the current HealthCare bill in congress, I suggest that we do what WORKS!  Stop worrying… get outside and move… reconnect with friends and family… and eat a smaller, sensible plant based diet (without sugar).  These are PROVEN to be the most EFFECTIVE way to improve health! 

Our Healthy New Narrative

 Less is More!  There is NO COST to do these simple lifestyle modifications; nor is any special “insurance” needed.  IF a PILL could be marketed to add 10-15 extra HEALTHY years to our lives, everyone would be insisting that their healthcare provider ordered it for them.  We obviously don’t need any more pills- we simply need to embrace our innate health!  We are NOT broken and can make fresh choices each day! As can be seen by the Blue Zone cultures, we need NO EXPERT OR MEDICATION outside of ourselves to lead positive, empowered, and vital lives.  If we are making sensible life-style choices, we don’t have to worry about the HealthCare safety net.  My challenge to us all is to reclaim our “joie de vivre” and find our reason to get up each morning.  In so doing, I suspect we will begin to truly FLOURISH and enjoy this crazy adventure called LIFE, so much MORE!  The “experts” in Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan and even Loma Linda, CA have figured it out and are LIVING IT… so can WE! 

HealthCare or Disease Promotion?

Welcome to my NEW website- still rough, and currently under development.  Thanks SO much for your patience.

I am migrating from one hosting site to another and am not very BLOG savvy as of yet... after all, we're healers, not computer programmers.  That said, I wanted to share some thoughts I had last summer (on my prior blogsite).  There is much more to share, as I am now focused on the Pain/ Addiction crisis plaguing humanity at this time.  Take a look at my LOGO "Comfort Quest" and let me know what you think... Doesn't it make much better sense to aim our sights TOWARDS Comfort instead of resisting pain.  As Carl Jung noted, "That which we resist, persists".  Let's refocus our amazing healing energies in a positive manner!

  • U.S. “Health Care”… when will it REALLY be HEALTH CARE vs “disease promotion”?

If the U.S. spent nearly $9K/ capita for health care in 2012, shouldn’t we expect a better Return on Investment (ROI)?  In 2006, when we were spending only $7K/ person, we were still spending more than TWO TIMES the average of other 29 developed countries… yet our health and average life expectancy is “lacking”, to put it kindly. I pulled the data last summer from the website and saw that our US life expectancy was 79 years, which placed us at #37 (all countries included), smack between Qatar and Barbados, with Japan leading the pack with a ripe old age expectancy of 84.This is a clear example that MORE IS NOT BETTER! What will it take for each of us to turn things around and start claiming more responsibility for our own health?  Better yet, as nurses, I'm asking us all to stand together and join hands and voices to help heal our country... WE are in the trenches and know the answers!  Nursing and Medicine should be calling the shots, NOT the insurance companies... We need to judge our success by quality patient care and empowerment... NOT by speed and patient satisfaction scores.

  • How did we get here?

As we look at history, it is clear that not much has improved since 1970 (avg. US life expectancy 78.2). At that time the US was spending $5.5 Billion for retail prescriptions; in 2012 that spending had increased to $263.3 Billion (OMG). Another interesting point was that in 1970, 82.4% of those costs were paid “out of pocket”; now only 17.8% is paid personally with the brunt of the costs covered by insurance. One has to wonder... IF we each had to each pay for all of the poisons (prescriptions) we are being told to put into our bodies, would we do so? Especially when the outcomes are no better over the last 45 years!


    We think outside the box?  Could a portion of that $9K/ person of health care $$ be given to each of us as vouchers for healthy foods, INSTEAD of toxic poisons? Clearly our current system is not working well to manage chronic conditions (including obesity) which keep increasing, and is responsible for 7 of 10 deaths in the US. Time for some new ideas… let’s get creative!

We simply cannot keep doing the same thing (throwing lots of $$ toward ineffective medical/ disease management)- Fresh ideas and personal responsibility MUST be given voice and encouragement. Let’s harken back to the simpler days of Hippocrates when he is quoted as saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”… He definitely had the right idea- yet not just the empty calorie “fake foods” so popular these days- they MUST be healthy, real foods that are Nutrient Dense and toxin poor. I envision this as a real possibility- true health and QUALITY years in which each of us can live our lives fully, connecting with our communities and contributing to humanity with our unique talents in life…I look forward to YOUR thoughts and joining together as Nurses Healing HealthCare...Namaste, Lisa