Definition- When potentially valid issues are raised in a demeaning, disrespectful manner... shutting down dialogue and seeking only to advance one's personal agenda  (NOT for the good/ unity of the entire country).And so it begins... Every time something happens to fit the above Political UN-correctness definition, we simply hold our noses and yell, "P...U"!!!Then, we offer to dialogue in a respectful manner, with the goal of co-creating unifying, long-term solutions!PC BS has been called out!Signed,We the People!!!  


With 30 years of Nursing experience (mainly in Emergency Nursing and Addiction Medicine) I have been increasingly frustrated with our lack of true “healing” in America. Sure, we spend a lot of money on health care and medication, but sadly our outcomes are poor. Over the last several years I have been focused on the pain/ opiate addiction that plagues society and I feel that our current pain scale may be fueling our crisis.I started my blog with the idea of it being a place for nurses and health care providers to “vent” and share POSITIVE solutions to common frustrations. My positive new Vision- “Comfort Quest” is a new scale where 10 is “Most Comfortable”, and 0 is “worst pain… similar to old pain scale, yet flipped!No longer will we be fighting against pain; we will listen to our bodies and put our energy into what we seek, Comfort! I will help you discover root causes as to what has been ailing yourself and/ or your patients. At each level, we can explore possible Body, Mind, and Spirit causes for the “Pain”- It is my belief, supported by research, that we need to FEEL… and Release all trapped emotions (and other toxins) to regain our balance. It is time to listen to our bodies’ messages of pain, yet to do so through a POSITIVE lens that will empower true healing.

Honesty is, and Always will be, The Best Policy  

As such, I will honestly speak the unspeakable and scream, “There’s an Elephant in the Room!!!”  Time for some Refugee Honesty...Despite everyone’s best intentions, there is an obvious clash of cultures and religions between the West and the Middle East.  No matter how much research one attempts to do to get “facts”, the stories are slanted either left or right.  This has most recently made all sides increasingly suspicious of the other (especially with the instant access to social media and propaganda).  We need a different solution to simply dropping unvetted refugees into the lap of Western Society.  Just ask Europe how things are going in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and France… Their Citizens are finally pushing back and resisting, which is making it even more hostile for everyone, and that was NOT the intention of helping people in need.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”  Einstein

I refuse to get caught up in the fear and fighting, so here’s an interesting solution to the refugee issue.  Since the UN is doling out refugees to various countries, apparently without their full consent or input, how about the USA create a “safe space” for the refugees assigned to the USA by having them populate any one of the eight (8) currently uninhabited territories held by the US (per Wikipedia, List of Sovereign States- click link or see below).  Before you object, just hear me out.  We could seriously create a humanitarian program where these unvetted refugees could be safe from harm and go through a proper vetting process to also keep the American homeland secure…We must strive to neutralize extreme emotions in this matter- no one can think straight in constant fear, anger and defensiveness.  As with moving all forms of biological life, this could be seen as a “quarantine process” of sorts, that would keep both people and their cultures safe, while providing for basic human rights of the refugees.  Our refugees would have space to practice their religion in peace and create a safe temporary home for their people.When their native country is safe once again, they could be returned to rebuild and resume their lives.  IF they desired to immigrate to America, and fulfilled the requirements, they could follow the rules like everyone else.  “We are a land of immigrants, and we are a land of laws”… By then, their intentions could be properly vetted.  We, as Americans, would be fulfilling our humanitarian responsibilities to the world’s people, and yet not sacrifice our own Citizens in the process.

Refugee Honesty and Corruption Containment

To further understand the disconnect between cultures, I discovered the Corruption Perception Index (also on Wikipedia).  In 2016, the USA was in the top 20 (as trusted, #18, with Denmark and New Zealand tied for #1).   I was curious about the 7 countries currently on the controversial temporary ban of immigrants/ refugees.  Of the 176 countries ranked (some tied), at the very bottom was Somalia (#176), with Syria (#173), Sudan, Libya, Yemen (all tied at #170), Iraq (#166) and Iran (#131) … OMG- This objectively demonstrates how impossible it would be to properly vet these refugees- the countries are notorious for corruption.  How could we possibly expect honest answers?I know this may sound unusual to some, yet these are unusual times, indeed.  Whether something like offshore refugee homes would work is unknown for the USA, yet the current plan is failing and we all know that something MUST be done differently.  I see the current refugee program as a improperly constructed research project, playing with MY LIFE and the lives of my fellow American Citizens.   Did anyone get a chance to read through the possible harms associated with this project?As such, I am formally withdrawing my consent to this experiment; this has been echoed by the people who democratically elected President Trump.  Our discussion should not be about whether we “like him or not”; the President’s job (and all military members’) is first and foremost to keep the homeland safe; to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  His/ her job as President is NOT necessarily to be "liked".  Let's work together to be creative and entertain sound solutions that will help those in need without destroying our life in America as we know it... Semper Paratus!

List of Sovereign States- USA: Eight (8) Uninhabited territories…

The United States is a federation of 50 states and 1 federal district.The USA has sovereignty over several uninhabited territories:

God Bless America, and God Bless our World!Lisa Evers, RN, BSN, CWO4, USCGR (ret).  Concerned Citizen with a hopeful voice! 

Political Parties- Left, Right and Balanced

What’s wrong with Political Parties in the USA today?  I’ve been trying to understand it in an objective, and “un-triggered” fashion- yet the LEFT’s unhinged response to President Trump’s victory and his attempts to protect our country makes no sense to me.  Since I am not an activist or radical, I decided to draw on my expertise in nursing and biology to attempt to understand the violent, impassioned behavior flooding the media and our world today.Obviously, we have two basic political parties in the USA- The Democratic Liberals on the LEFT and Republican Conservatives on the RIGHT.  Sounds polarized already, but wait, it can get better.  When healthy, both parties provide important counterbalance to the other- But today, it’s more of a bullying, spoiled children’s tantrum, funded by a wealthy benefactor (Soros) whose goal is to see the demise of the USA as we know it.Why don’t we BOTH gang up AGAINST Soros- I doubt that any US Citizen, regardless of political affiliation, wants to see America fail.  What we need is a fresh new Meme/ Brand- a different way of looking at our political parties.  Stop the rivalry- it is SO counterproductive! What if we started seeing the political parties as the two hemispheres of the brain within the body of America?

The body functions best when there is balance.

Stop the “Us vs. Them” mentality, and acknowledge/ embrace the struggle for balance in our own left and right brain hemispheres.  Trying to operate the body JUST with the left brain (LOGIC-controls RIGHT side of body- Republicans), or with JUST the right brain (FEELINGS- controls LEFT side of body- Democrats) provides a limited, unbalanced experience of life.  Check out the picture to get a better feel for the complementary aspects of the hemispheres.That’s pretty much where I see our current political divide in America today.  Instead of seeing the value in the opposite side (other ½ of self), we are making the “other” the VILLAIN- basically trying to harm or kill a part of ourselves that we cannot accept or understand.  It is obvious that both sides are hurting (and acting like spoiled children).  Yet, yelling at each other, calling names and inciting violence heals absolutely NOTHING!  We need to open our eyes, hearts and minds and realize that each side has value and is a critical part of the greater whole (the body, America).  Just because we process the world in a different way doesn’t make our views better or worse, just that they are coming from a different perspective.

Complementary Perspectives in Politics

For example, some people prefer ART and others MATH.  My friend looks at life more SUBJECTIVELY while I am more OBJECTIVE.  Neither is “correct” just uniquely different.  Should ART try to destroy MATH, or vice versa?  What if we only FELT our way subjectively through life, without taking into account any objective FACTS?  We’d have our blinders on and possibly get taken advantage of, if we weren’t aware of the blind spots in our field of vision.  Obviously, both hemispheres (parties) are critical to a healthy, holistic America.  Start working together, complementing one another instead of fighting.  If we don’t find a solution, I fear a stroke coming on with paralysis damaging the entire body, America.God Bless America!

Peaceful Inauguration Reflection

The Orderly and Peaceful transfer of power- the hallmark of a true democracy… our Constitutional Republic!

What an amazing day of reflection this has been for me and hopefully for us all.  I can recall a few short years ago, in 2009, standing in the cold for many hours to welcome Barack Hussein Obama into office… I was on Active Duty with the US Coast Guard and was blessed to be chosen as one of the military cordon rendering honors (hand salute) to the new president along the parade route.   It began as a weary pre-dawn trip to Andrews AFB where we waited patiently in a cold hangar for the coordination of the historic inaugural celebration.Despite not voting for Barack Obama, I was honored to welcome him into the leadership role of our military and our entire country, and I prayed for his success.  After all, the success or failure of our country is up to each one of us, and we have a CHOICE… be part of the solution, or be part of the problem.  Our country is about its people and not about a single individual… recall, “We, the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility..."

Fear or Freedom for All

Many of my associates have been voicing fear with President Trump at the helm.  As I typically seek to understand, I asked about their fear.  Quite often, it was nebulous, just a free-floating fear or anxiety about their safety… Really?  After all of the riots and self-initiated destruction over the last several months?  Perhaps it is time to take responsibility for the negativity which continues to permeate our culture.  How can we possibly heal if we keep poking the painful areas and spitting in the slow-healing wounds?   Is our negative energy causing the continued turmoil… draining us of our Vitality and tranquility?FEAR as noted in Wikipedia, “is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. Fear in human beings may occur in response to a specific stimulus occurring in the present, or in anticipation or expectation of a future threat perceived as a risk to body or life”.    As stated it Wiki, perception is at the root of fear.  So today, I offer three acronym options for this interpretation of FEAR-

Which meaning will be most healing for our United States of America?

-         False Expectations, Appearing Real… at the heart of slanted media portrayals.-         Finding Excuses and Reasons… at the heart of liberal/ progressive disappointment.-         Face Everything, and Rejoice- My choice- where I pray that those who say they feel FEAR will ultimately face everything (good, bad and ugly) and continue to rejoice in the possibilities.  Even when we make mistakes, it is only through acknowledging the errors that we can learn and move forward in a HEALTHY way.As we know, energy follows the thought.  It is time that we stop allowing FEAR to drain us of our innate VITALITY.  Open our hearts to embrace one another with LOVE & acceptance, listen to the pain that permeates our society (so that it can be released), and work together to harness our energy in a POSITIVE way to empower one another and our country.God Bless America and God Bless President Donald J. Trump and Vice-President Michael R. Pence!

Let America be America Again

“Out of the rack and ruin of our gangster death,The abuse and rot of graft, and stealth, and lies,We, the people, must redeemThe land, the mines, the plants, the rivers.The mountains and the endless plain—All, all the stretch of these great green states—And make America again.”As many of you may recognize, this is the final stanza of Langston Hughes epic poem, “Let America be America Again”- Written in 1935… instead of red or blue states, please note that he calls them GREEN states- symbolic of nature and healthy growth!  This was the first time I read his poem and I was very moved… Please click on the link above to enjoy the entire poem when you get a chance.Wikipedia explains that “the poem speaks of the American dream that never existed for the lower-class American and the freedom and equality that every immigrant hoped for but never achieved. In his poem, Hughes represents not only African Americans, but other economically disadvantaged and minority groups as well. Besides criticizing the unfair life in America, the poem conveys a sense of hope that the American Dream is soon to come.”  Why haven’t we made much progress in the last 80 years?I truly believe that we are ALL in search of a deeper meaning and purpose in life, and this has played out in the Presidential election of 2016.  Many people are hurting today, for so many different reasons- we can’t possibly begin to understand it all.  Yet we can have a dialogue and listen to one another; especially when we speak with respect and without inaccurate assumptions…

The American Dream

Did you know that the American Dream was first described by James Truslow Adams in 1931- "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.  That was only a few years before my mother was born; in the midst of the Great Depression.  Is this still a common vision, or it time for a new vision; one that we re-create together?The challenging part of the dream is that it is just THAT, a dream!  I encourage each one of us to take a few moments in silence and solitude tonight, and do some deep breathing and go within…  find that quiet, peaceful place of strength and courage and ask yourself about YOUR American Dream!  It’s probably different than mine and that’s GREAT!  Yet we also need a common foundation, grounded firmly in the Constitution.  Don’t keep looking outside for answers- the pundits and experts don’t know your heart and no political leader is going to have the answers you are seeking.

What will YOU add?

So… What is YOUR story?  How did you come to America?  What gives meaning to your life & what will you share with our country?  What do you aspire to leave as your legacy?  Personally, I need authenticity- deep and juicy!  Unearthing the darkness, within the shimmer of light.  Seeking balance and wholeness with a positive, realistic focus and sharing that with others-  my reason for living, not just existing.Agreeably, it’s been a crazy year!  Now what?  We can all focus on the negativity, with our noses pinned to our smart phones; yet without more work from each of us, it won’t get better on its own.  As we all “say our piece” it ultimately needs to be about healing and reunification- not about blaming or shaming.  What that includes is my willingness to look at my own short-comings, my Shadow, and to do the work of accepting/ healing myself first, and then our country.  You do the same... Once we all get honest, we, the people, can get whole.  Let’s strive to work together to help “make America again”.God Bless America!  Good night...