How Many Choices does a Baby Human have in “Pro-Choice”?

NONE... as has been clearly demonstrated in recent legislation/ headlines in New York and Virginia!  Business corporations like Planned Parenthood have personhood and tax exemption status; however, Baby Humans in the United States of America today have NO CHOICE or personhood RIGHTS and can be actively killed right up until delivery (late 3rd trimester).  

How have the hearts of American citizens become SO icy cold that they cheer and support the right to INFANTICIDE?  How can we as WOMEN support such barbaric actions… further minimizing and negating our God-given power to GESTATE LIFE within our Womb space?  

We speak of the return of the Divine Feminine to help balance and heal patriarchy, and yet we vehemently destroy or shame all that authentic femininity embodies:  Gentleness, Compassion, Empathy, Sensitivity, Nurturance, Guardianship and Caring, just to name a few characteristics. 

I know… everyone wants CHOICE and control of their bodies and I fully support Empowerment.  Yet I suggest that this must be done FULLY with everyone accepting responsibility for their choices along the way.  As I see it, there are at least FOUR separate CHOICES that women are making PRIOR to making a choice for 3rd trimester Abortion… the Baby Human has NONE. Let’s think about this more humanely and as adults make healthier choices along the way…

CHOICES 1-4:  Which one could change lives for the better?  

1. Women have multiple choices for Birth Control- Pill, IUD, implant, etc.

              While some religions do not advocate birth control, the prevention of pregnancy (“responsible parenthood concept”) is certainly more palatable than electing 3rd trimester abortions. Fertility Awareness is an aspect of Natural Family Planning & when applying this knowledge through the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM), it is over 99% effective in postponing pregnancy according to their website.

2. Women engage in sexual intercourse.

              Hopefully the choice is voluntarily with a meaningful partner, yet if heinously raped or otherwise taken advantage of, other choices are available before pregnancy/ abortion. 

3. Women should INSIST upon CONDOM use (even with other birth control).

              This is critical to protect self and partner from sexually transmitted infections like HIV, Syphilis, GC, Chlamydia, Herpes, Hep B, Genital warts, etc.  Thoughtful and respectful sexual practice.  At this point, chance of pregnancy has decreased significantly.  Specific efficacy noted here by the CDC. 

4. Plan B is available, if women feel deep regret after intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy.

              Emergency Contraception could replace the need for abortions (best within 3-5 days of intercourse depending on the product).   Plan B is available without a prescription.                

If, for whatever reason, Emergency Contraception was not chosen in time and the woman allows the tiny baby human to develop in the warmth of her nurturing womb for 12 weeks (1st trimester), then on to 24 weeks (2nd trimester), what would cause her to seek termination at the point of viability?  Is she seeking a short-term solution (often without informed consent) that packs potential long-term emotional turmoil decades after her abortion choice?  She could simply deliver the baby and offer him/ her up for adoption, making another couple HAPPY!                 

So, I feel that this Pro-Choice admonition is being overplayed in our country today.  Those who advocate a Pro-Choice stance have actually already made FOUR CHOICES along their path to the pregnancy/ adoption/ abortion choice.  As humans engaging in sexual activity, it is time that we accept responsibility for all of our adult choices and STOP making our Baby Humans pay for our uninformed CHOICES with the ultimate price of DEATH. 

What can we do?  

              When we know better… we should DO better!   Science tells us unequivocally that the human baby is ALIVE with a heartbeat noted at 6 weeks gestation and is certainly viability after 24 weeks.  LIFE is valuable, leading us to connection and expansion of our humanity.  Death and abortion, however, cause separation and constriction of all that is good within us.  Could this be at the root of what is ailing so many in society today?  Let’s reconnect to truth in a life-affirming fashion…            

Reflect upon that special gift of FORETHOUGHT that we uniquely possess as human beings.  When she speaks of our creative minds in her 1/4/18 article entitled, "What Makes us Human", Lisa Marden explains forethought as "the ability to imagine the future in many possible iterations and then to help create the future we imagine."   What type of future do YOU desire?  I want a future grounded in the sanctity of life and our children; otherwise, there really is NO FUTURE for us in the USA, or for Western Civilization as we know it.                   

I ask merely that we keep an open mind and heart as we think about the CHOICES we make each day and how they impact our future.  There is NO JUDGMENT, merely the invitation to rethink what we have been programmed to believe since the 1970’s.  As women especially, I invite each one of us to reembody all that makes us uniquely feminine.  We DO have unlimited CHOICES in the USA today; let’s start making life affirming ones, once again. No one is taking away anyone’s CHOICE… merely asking us all to CHOOSE healthier options earlier!   Call your congressional representatives and say NO to Infanticide! 

Third trimester abortions are BARBARIC and have NO PLACE IN CIVILIZED SOCIETY. 

The USA is one of only 7 countries in the world who even allow abortions after 20 weeks… we CAN and MUST do better than this!

Offered with love and support of LIFE

Lisa Evers, MA, BSN, RN, CWO4, USCGR (ret)  

Embracing Guardian Energy…

Happy New Year! What an exciting time to be alive.  So much is going on in the world… TOO much sometimes, wouldn’t you agree?  I pray that you have each enjoyed a sense of joy and peace in the celebration of the recent Christmas/ Holiday season.  I’ve experienced an amazing sensation of peace, joy and hope- resonating in a unifying, loving way during this special time of year… Let’s help it continue. Grounded here, I am finally sitting down to share something which has been bubbling up in my work and daily experiences for the last several weeks. These are the words: Guardian and Courage!   I've seen them on advertisements, books, billboards, and 2019 predictions... what to do?  Over the years, I’ve struggled with the need to be right and react quickly if challenged.  Anyone else ever feel like that?  All I’ve gotten from that program is heartburn and frustration, in addition to conflict- none of which has been desired.  So, I decided to listen to my messages and explore the Guardian Energy and see how that felt instead. For me, it’s been more of a maternal sensation- a uniquely powerful, protective energy which has helped me to go within, feel the sensations & ask about one’s motivation, especially related to politics and healthcare.  No longer do I feel the need to reactively pounce against another’s point of view.  What I feel is the need to inquire respectfully, listen for answers, speak my truth, and invite collaboration.  All of which requires grace & courage.

How does that feel to you? 

Any triggers at all?  I sincerely hope not, and that makes it all the more important to share today.  As I reflect back on life, my personal experience with this energy is rooted in my role as a Hospital Corpsman & Medical Admin Officer in the US Coast Guard for 32+ years.  Remember The Guardian (2006 movie with Kevin Costner & Ashton Kutcher)?  We, Coast Guardsmen, are called in to rescue people in the direst of conditions.  This is where we find ourselves today in politics and healthcare; in the direst of conditions- overwhelmed with life and uncertain about our next moves.  Which side am I on; Who is Right; Is anyone telling the truth; What can I do about the Pain and Depression?How do we choose which ones to Save?  The questions go on and on…   Yet, instead of harnessing Guardian energy, which is grounded within and focused on protection and assistance, we are constantly infused with Warrior energy, which is outwardly focused in an aggressive, confrontational manner.  From a feminine perspective, I feel much more comfortable with my Guardian energy, instead of the more masculine, aggressive warrior.  Continuing to fight will simply keep fueling the arguments and violence.  If you think I’m making this up, just look at the definitions and feel which one resonates best for YOU, noting that men and women can possess either of these energies, depending on which one they embrace at the time.              Guardian” is a “defender, protector, or keeper” – one who advocates for another.              Warrior” is a “soldier or fighter,” which implies violence.

Courageous Plan for Success

I deeply believe that the only way to solve our current stalemates in society today is by embracing our Guardian Energy which is deeply buried in each one of us.  Take some time in solitude and nature, turn off the electronics and shut out the media.  Listen to the knowing inside; that sense of well-being & protection, rooted in love and courage… This energy is so much healthier than the warrior energy which seeks only to keep fighting and springs forth from a place of fear. So, in politics this year, we focus on the goal of coming together as a country using our Constitution as a beacon… In healthcare, we focus on taking care of our bodies- keeping them strong, well-nourished and active.  Let’s stop the aggressive distractions and listen intently to the messages within.  When feeling out of balance, take a few deep breaths, reflect on the situation and do something constructive to help! Let's embrace our Guardian Energy and Co-Create a Healthier 2019 … 😊

WISDOM from my WEEDS… Sweaty Insight into Disease and Pain

Yes, it’s summertime in Florida and “steam-room hot”, yet my garden called to me today to finish some weeding along the road-side edge of my cul-de-sac.  It’s been something I’ve struggled with for decades; making my garden more presentable for everyone else (from the road-side, at least).  I previously would cut the weeds back in a frustrated fashion and they would keep returning- just like clockwork.  I repeatedly stayed busy and felt like I’d accomplished something, only to realize, like Sisyphus, the process never ended.  Soon, the glow of success would fade as the neatly edged garden was overrun by invaders once again.  Where is the Wisdom in that?  So, today I approached it differently influenced in part by my recent graduate studies and fabulous retreat last weekend celebrating Mary Magdalene’s feast day, July 22nd (more on that later, if interested).  Suffice it to say that my soul was touched deeply & healed; reminded gently that there are lessons to be learned in ALL experiences (even from being persecuted and mis-represented for eons… graceful wisdom and truth will always triumph in the end). 

Defining the "problem"

As we begin, let’s review what we mean by a weed (so that we are discussing the same thing).  Directly from the Miriam-Webster dictionary online:            “WEED:  a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially: one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants.”            Ugh- not my favorite definition.  It sounds so judgmental & confrontational; something that needs to be removed or fixed, whatever the cost (like the current view of Pain and Disease) .  I prefer a paraphrased description I heard years ago that was much more POSITIVE- that a weed is a plant whose purpose has yet to be discovered (just like us all)… little did I know that it was attributed to Emerson. 

 As you may have guessed, I chose Emerson's more positive perspective and approached my weeds differently, setting an intention of learning from the Weeds and my interaction with them today... what is beckoning to be Discovered?

Wisdom from My Weeds:

I had several choices to consider today- Choices have Consequences... 1)  If I pulled the weeds up quickly and without much thought, I easily damaged the other small plants around them- Win/ Lose                       This happens all the time when tumors are hacked out of our bodies, without much regard for the other tissues/ lymph nodes/ long term effect of their removal.  Sure, if it’s cancer, we’d like it removed, but it didn’t happen overnight and if we do NOT address the issues that set the normal cells into “cancer mode”, it will most likely reoccur, and we lose, again.   What are we doing to support the rest of the body in the process?   2)  If I cut them back JUST at the surface, it was quick and efficient, yet they kept growing back and I never learned their message in the constant battle.  Win/ Lose                       This is how we keep treating PAIN and other SYMPTOMS in our bodies today- we just cut back/ suppress the DISEASE at the surface, only to have it continue to fester beneath the surface and return (Drug addiction- Opioid Crisis)… Great for Pharmaceutical companies, yet not so good for our well-being and quality of life as Human Beings... especially when access to pills is curtailed.    3) If I sprayed them with Round-Up or another fast-acting chemical, the weeds died yet there were side-effects to contend with-  perhaps killing or preventing food crops from growing in a healthy way.  Win/ Lose            Like #2 above, especially when we use CHEMO and RADIATION as the only accepted ways of dealing with cancer (along with surgery).  WHY aren’t other COMPLEMENTARY/ INTEGRATIVE therapies encouraged and covered by insurance???             Beyond the Cancer context, we KNOW these chemicals on/in our foods are NOT healthy and are BANNED in most European Countries… why are they still being used in the USA??? 4)  Best insight today (Wisdom from my Weeds)- After careful assessment, my process was to Mindfully decide which plants were to remain and which were to be removed for today… then gently remove the invasive plant with the proper tool, actively listening to the messages being received.  Win/ Win!                 When dealing with chronic issues today, consider that our bodies are trying to inform us of an imbalance or "dis-ease".  Instead of suppressing the wisdom, lean into the messages- focusing on solving the problems and regaining an Authentic level of Comfort & Quality of Life (using your new tools)...  

Shifting to Comfort, Active Listening and Trust in Nature

I’ve tried a variety of other tools before, but the curved weed-removal tool gently gets where it needs to go and is very comforting to the wrist, as well.  The proper tool makes all the difference!  This is another reason I suggest that our current PAIN/ DISEASE/ FIGHT-IT focus needs to be shifted to a Comfort/ Dis-Ease/ Learn from It perspective.  We do this by focusing on what we WANT and by learning from the messages all around us; sensing with our body, mind and spirit.  As I was tending my garden, I reflected (through the sweat on my brow) on WHY certain weeds kept popping up in areas that I felt were inappropriate.  Was my old perspective accurate (that they were a nuisance) or did they have a purpose?  I observed that there were several cute low growing, flowering plants that hugged the sloped edges of my sandy soil without any care on my part.  With fresh eyes, it seemed like they might be preventing the soil from being washed away during the rain.  Each time I would remove them in the past, I remembered that soil would wash away, and they would return to help once again.  Hmmm... they have a hidden purpose- trying to help!  I also reassessed some curious plants that I allowed to remain for the last couple of weeks (despite being told that they were “weeds” by neighbors- outer experts).  They looked a bit like iris or daylily leaves at first, so I trusted my gut (inner knowing) and let them remain… SO glad that I did, because they are starting to bloom delicate yellow flowers. 😉  Now I need to figure out how I can help them heal their faded leaves... 

What a fabulous morning it has been.  I listened to the beckoning of nature and after spending this time in my garden, I feel “complete”… My yard looks much more inviting and cared-for, I feel activated, and I continue to be amazed at the Healing Wisdom of Mother Nature.   She is here for us all (and has never left us); eager to share her Insights when we are ready to see, hear and feel them...

We are invited to welcome home all parts of ourselves that we have forgotten,

cast aside or repressed, and to do so with Grace and Wisdom... Blessed Be and So it Is!

Toddlers or Troubadours?

Is anyone else tired of the incessant fighting and bickering in the world, today?  We sound like a bunch of rambunctious toddlers, each trying to get his/ her own way without much regard for the other.   What would it feel like if we just STOPPED and took a deep breath together???  PLEASE… let's stop the reactive Saul Alinsky-inspired, confrontational fight against “everything”.  Instead of putting all that energy into fighting AGAINST, it's time for a different approach- One grounded in nature, harmony and new possibilities?  Collaboration (aka- working WITH)!  You may want to resist right now but hear me out… this will be brief!  When something is out of harmony in our bodies, we get a chance to rebalance by listening to cues we are given.  For example, if we have been running errands all day in the heat and forget to drink water, we may feel thirsty and cranky as a result.  Doesn’t make any sense to get MAD at those feelings or fight AGAINST the thirst- simply pause, reflect and drink some quenching water- a gift from Mother Nature. If, however, we keep pushing through the signals it gets harder to fix the situation and we may end up in the Urgent Care center due to dehydration and exhaustion, when all we needed to do was drink water to maintain hydration/ homeostasis.  The point here is that we MUST pause to assess the cause of the problem- If we fail to do so, we may overlook an easy solution or be blindly driven to ignore the signals and “keep on trucking”… after all, it’s not THAT bad yet!  We’re so strong and dedicated, with important work to share!Back to our world today… It now has become THAT bad, yet we don’t seem able to PAUSE long enough to properly assess the situation.  Everyone is so keyed up and reactive- Fighting AGAINST everything and one another (at times with good intentions).  I’ll bet I’d get an argument if I merely commented about the lovely summer weather & sunshine (too hot, too humid, too rainy, too something…).  Let’s stop the insanity and assess what’s really going on!  Is the weather the problem or US?  I invite a more Compassionate, Collaborative (and yes, Feminine) way to elicit healthy change in society- It’s time to harness the Power Within and work TOGETHER, in harmony

How do we Reinvigorate this process?

 1)  Listen to your Authentic Self- the Truth inside of YOU (not the so-called “experts” outside).  I now gauge my trust of any outside suggestions based on the following query-  “What is their motivation?”  THIS is the order I desire:  Purpose, People, Planet and then Profit.  IF driven primarily by Profit or other self-serving mission, I file their suggestions at the bottom of my prioritized list.  As I see it, they are NOT looking out for me, but for themselves… remember that! 2)  Invite dialogue with ANYONE who will share their thoughts, feelings and message in a calm, respectful way and strive to do so through the lens of unconditional love.  Remember the Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”! 3)  Deeply Listen to others, hold space and share your own insight with Confidence and Compassion- No two people can ever see a given situation in the same way… As humans, we each possess history, biases, experiences, cultural conditioning, etc.  NONE of these needs to be apologized for or demonized; merely accepted as influential (without judgment)- “Seek first to understand” (both self & others)… only then can we move forward.   

4)  CO-Create a healthier New Story/ Concerto with clear boundaries, rights and responsibilities.  We each have a unique mission/ purpose on Earth and must be encouraged to share our music in a way that makes for a harmonious concerto, instead of dissonant cacophony.

 This harmony plays out all the time in nature- without any spoken words.  Birds do it, even with all the squirrels competing for food at the feeders.  They don’t go around pecking out the squirrels’ eyes, casting shame or torpedoing them when not looking… they must trust their inner guidance; creating a way to co-exist and thrive.  I think we can do better as human beings- it’s time!  Begin by calling a truce to the pointless fighting, and work on Listening, Collaborating and Co-Creating a healthy New Concerto in a respectful fashion focusing on the “big picture”- Purpose, People, and Planet… long before profits (and personalities)!  😉 



SALUTOGENESIS- A True Health-Care Theory Whose Time has Come!


Pathogenesis vs. Salutogenesis- Disease/ Health theories

Every time we turn on the news, there is yet another report about pain, stress, opioids and/or drug overdoses.  No matter how much time, energy or money we throw on the problems, the outcome is the same.  No lasting improvement is achieved, and fear continues; we keep getting more of the same.  Time for a fresh, new perspective… Salutogenesis!It is crystal clear that Western medicine is focused on disease (pathogenesis) today, instead of health and well-being.  Becker (2010) explains pathogenesis, which was pioneered and developed by Williamson and Pearse in 1966, as the theoretical framework for American health professionals. “Formally, pathogenesis is the study of disease origins and causes.  Pathogenesis starts by considering disease and infirmity and then works retrospectively to determine how individuals can avoid, manage, and/or eliminate that disease or infirmity” (p. 26).  Based on this description, the current pain scale (10- worst pain ever) is understandable- pain is viewed as an infirmity which must be avoided, managed, and/ or eliminated.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” – Albert Einstein

Another, newer, health model is that of Salutogenesis.  Honestly, I had never heard of it until 2016, yet I am SO glad to have discovered it.  My gut has known THIS is the foundation on which effective HealthCare in America should be built.  The brief overview of Salutogenesis focuses on Health Promotion (positive focus), instead of disease orientation/ prevention (negative focus) and risk factors.   The author, Aaron Antonovsky (1996), who introduced Salutogenesis in 1979 (when I graduated high school), harkens us back in time .  “In the 1930’s it was revolutionary to suggest that something in the mind could lead to somatic diseases” (p. 11). Today, he suggests that all human distress is the result of a psychic, somatic and social aspect (all of which are crucial for the integrated organism known as human beings).He presents an analogy of health and disease prevention as they relate to swimmers.  “The bias of the downstream focus, i.e. the devotion of the disease care system to saving swimmers drowning downstream by heroic measures, rather than asking ‘Who or what is pushing them into the river in the first place?’” (p. 12) As Antonovsky reminds us in his article, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as, “a state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity” (p. 12). It is Salutogenesis (not pathogenesis) then, which exemplifies a solid foundation on which to build the WHO vision of true health.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  -Wayne Dyer

This makes so much more sense to me now.  As we are aware, the only things certain in life are death and taxes as the old joke reminds us… yet we fight SO hard against death (and against pain), with unrealistic expectations that we can “get out alive”.  I embrace his realistic perspective and I share this view.  We have limited energy each day, and instead of fighting AGAINST something (like death/ illness) which is inevitable, we could better focus that energy on resilience and maximizing our status today, regardless of where we are on the continuum… our lives and health are exactly perfect as they are, we simply need to make the best choices we can, based on current situation (always changing).I believe that our bodies are always striving to communicate with us; yet we are often too busy to listen.  As a result, we have lost touch with the normal ebb and flow of life.  Each time we happen to feel something, we often assume it is some tragic disease or ailment which must be silenced or treated externally.  What if we viewed these sensations/ feelings as important feedback on the larger spectrum of health and well-being… signals of whether we were currently “on track” or not?By finally listening to our bodies’ messages, instead of constantly suppressing them, we can focus our energies proactively on TRUE health, well-being and quality of life.  What we need, however, is a new vision for Comfort (instead of pain).  Building on Salutogenesis, I offer Comfort Quest… still 0-10, yet aiming TOWARDS what we desire- Vitality and Wholeness!  Eternally optimistic that we can turn the tide in a positive direction before my 40th High School Reunion...   It's time has come! Nursing Pain through a Positive Lens Antonovsky, A. (1996). The salutogenic model as a theory to guide health promotion. Health Promotion International. Vol. 11, No.1, pp 11-18.Becker et. al (2010). Salutogenesis 30 Years Later. International Electronic Journal of Health Education, 2010; 13: 25-32. 

SUMMARY- Perspectives on Disease and Health

Pathogenesis (1966) Salutogenesis (1979)
Start Point = Disease or Problem Start Point = Health Potential
About avoiding problems and its causes About approaching potential and its causes
Works to eliminate risk factors Works to create health (salutary) factors
Reactive- react to signs, symptoms, and indications of disease Proactive - create conditions of physical, mental, and social well-being
Disease or infirmity is an anomaly Humans flawed and subject to entropy
Idealistic perspective - treat disease Realistic perspective - go get health
Focus is to prevent pain or loss Focus is to promote gains or growth
Prepares or help prepare one to live Enhance capacities and potential so can live fully
Wants to help avoid or prevent a person from being pushed backward Wants to help or enhance a person’s ability to move forward
Against Disease and infirmity For Health
For those who need healing cures For those who want better health
Primary focus - Prevention of negative health Primary focus - Promotion of positive health
Secondary benefit - Health Promotion Secondary benefit - Prevention of disease and infirmity
Outcome - Absence of problem Outcome - Presence of a gain
Keep from making situation worse Continuous Improvement
Minimization of problems Optimization of potential
Disease Management Health Promotion

 Adapted from Table 1. Complementary Perspectives on HealthBecker et. al (2010). Salutogenesis 30 Years Later. International Electronic Journal of Health Education, 2010; 13: 25-32. 

Is it Too Late to SAVE my Shed... my SANITY?  

I guess it is finally time for me to address this issue, as the pain has become unbearable.  Not actual physical pain, but the pain of disrepair and neglect, especially when juxtaposed against my nice new granite patio.   What began life as a functional wooden storage shed in the early 1990’s, has become an unbalanced, cluttered, disorganized receptacle of “all things outdoor- functional or not”, visibly in need of attention!  How did I let it get this bad? As I reflect honestly, I can recall a time in life when the 4’X8’ wooden shed was erected on our property.  I was so proud!  It was so nice and new, with shiny hinges and two welcoming doors which worked beautifully to protect the outdoor treasures tucked neatly inside.   All my garden utensils and tools were handy and safe- right next to my potting table.  I was in heaven and loved the convenience and organization- everything had a place and was protected.  That lasted about 2 years…Over the ensuing years it has become the dumping ground of all things rejected from sight in my garden, yet not so bad as to release to the trash bin.  “I just MIGHT need that someday”, I would say… “those old cushions aren’t really that bad… perhaps the kids can use them”, and so on.  Today, I honestly don’t even know WHAT is inside the shed.  The doors have long since fallen off, so I got crafty and replaced them for about 5 years with a roll-up shade (which has since worn out).  It was a “Band-Aid” fix on a larger problem, but at least it worked for a while.  Now, my shed is merely a neglected shell of its prior self, with a leaking roof, unbalanced floor, and rotted inner floor boards.

 Does this sound familiar?

Perhaps a little like our bodies?  We were given these AMAZING pristine nascent receptacles to hold our souls during our human experience; what did we do to them over the years?  Even IF the outside still looks “fine” it’s the inside that holds all the old debris (like my shed) that we simply can’t seem to release.  But why?  Especially when we know (intellectually) that holding on to things that no longer serve us is unhealthy… we have a hard time “letting go”.I am tackling this shed project, much as I am tackling my human project… Bravely throwing open the doors to let some air inside; making space for the Chi to start flowing again.  Wow, it’s dark and musty in here… where’s the light?  Oh no, there IS no light switch- what am I to do?  Look to nature and peek inside during daylight hours when I can see clearly without being scared by “the dark”.  That’s great, but why ARE we so afraid of the dark?  It has safely hidden all our old crap for so many years, I guess it’s just easier to “let it be” instead of stirring up “trouble”.  I just don’t have the time right now.  If I just don’t look inside, I won’t have to deal with it… but that’s NOT really true, is it?

Listening to the Pain

Every day I walked by the shed, I noticed the disarray and it made me uncomfortable- “That’s not like me to let things “go”; maybe next weekend, or after THIS other project is done.  No worries, I’ll deal with it soon.  That was my plan when it was first built and newly primed.  My first mistake was NOT doing the basic care it needed upon arrival- I never painted the shed.  The primer was a nice neutral color, so that should be fine; at least for a while.  By the time life settled down and I thought to paint it, the wood had started showing signs of damage.  However, instead of making the shed a priority and cleaning up the damaged areas to paint it, I just continued to deny the problem and the wood got worse.This happens to us all the time, in our bodies.  That little mole that changed, doesn’t really look that bad, I’m sure it’s fine… Oh, and that cough and blood, no worries… how about continuing to stuff ourselves with “food like products” and expecting our engines to run properly.  We put the right gas/ oil into our lawn equipment, yet refuse to do the same for our most sacred equipment, our bodies.The painful feeling that I experienced each time I looked at my shed, was temporarily silenced by focusing on another “more important” project at the time.  These delays and distractions just caused things to get worse and mostly without my conscious awareness.  I have now taken the time and made space to deal with this longstanding “issue” in a healthy way, before it gets any worse!

PLAN for Shed repair... Health and Sanity!

1.  Remove overgrown vines on roof- I’ve got to get the surface clear to assess for damage.  Staying hidden, even under nice foliage is not healthy.  2.  Cover section of damaged wood on roof- wood/ tarp- Found rotten corner- who knew?  Protect and prevent further damage during the transition.  3.  Remove old siding in sections (each Thursday- garbage pickup on Friday)- Do only as much “detox- clearing work as you can tolerate… less is more, so I can handle the debris more easily…4.  Empty shed totally; Find safe, covered space for chopped wood and Viable garden tools AND discard all old, rusted, broken items into the garbage… I CAN DO IT!  Emptied out sides of the shed Sunday (Pentecostal release, making room for Spirit to return).  Even lit incense to purify the area.  Hanging shutters to protect and beautify the transitional shed.  5.  Assess 2x4 framing- Is it still viable?  What stability repairs are needed?6.  Assess flooring; level the shed if assessed as “viable”, and create new, SOLID foundation!7.  Allow shed to remain open and free of “stuff” for 1-2 weeks- Let Chi flow freely and allow Spirit time to guide me to healthiest use of this new space!  8.  Redesign shed based on form and function with guidance from Spirit as above- (lattice, clear roof, old windows instead of siding?) … Let my natural creativity shine! 

Progress… Not Perfection!

So, here we are early June and I am happy to report that I’m well into #3 of my plan.  It seems that this picture looks a bit worse than the first one (with all the nice vines on the roof).  However, I am calling this my “healing crisis” when things tend to get spun up a bit during the clearing, before the dust settles on a clear new path.  Only by opening FULLY can we see what is hidden in the deepest, darkest recesses of our “storage sheds”, and finally FEEL… and Release all the stuff that no longer serves us.Please note, as I am going through all the stored items, I am lovingly assessing whether I can use them NOW in a healthy way.  For example, the slightly rusted garden tools with the dry wooden handles- I will be brushing off the rust with a nice wire brush and applying oil for protection (give them a new life).  IF, however, they are beyond repair, they will be thanked & discarded with a “lesson learned…In my opinion, it’s all about learning the lessons.  Take care of the things that matter in life (body, family, shelter, tools, community and spirit), and the rest will fall into place, much more easily.  We just must be BRAVE enough to unearth the hidden junk, deal with it in a loving manner, and protect/ share the gifts we have been so graciously given in life…Namaste,Lisa

Invasive Species and Nature

When in doubt, consult Mother Nature!Gardening is such fun, especially in Springtime!  I’m sure we’ve all been tempted to add beautiful, new, exotic plants to our landscape, only to be disappointed the following year.  One of three things typically happen to me.  Hopefully, the plants thrive!  However, more often, either the plant dwindles (appearing straggly, without flowers; dying off), or it unexpectedly runs rampant, taking over the area.It was a lovely, sunny day with a bit of a cool breeze, so I thought I’d finally tend to the plants around my mailbox.  You see, I planted a few new perennials several years ago (drawn initially to their name Mayan Purple) and they have simply taken over- sprawling up and over the irises (which I had totally forgotten).  Combined with the volunteer palmetto palms, it was a jumbled, chaotic mess with plants growing up over top of one another, and nothing was flourishing.What happened to my lovely plan of welcoming in a new species (Ruellia simplex- Mayan Purple) into an established area to play nicely with the irises and native palms?  Were they evil little plants, or did I just happen to get an aggressive batch???  Neither!  I simply didn’t know the intent/ habit of the newly added plants, or how they would interact with the others… Apparently, it is their nature to self-propagate and spread.  It’s not their “fault” per se, it’s just how they are wired by nature.

Pondering Life...

As I was focused on cutting back the overgrowth, my mind started thinking about politics- especially, the immigration/ refugee issues that many countries are struggling with today.  It seems that whenever I am frustrated about an issue in life or feeling overwhelmed, nature grabs me by the hand and guides me gently along the path... back to sanity. What nature/ my garden taught me is that none of the plants is inherently “undesirable”; it’s just that I placed the wrong plant in the wrong space.  The irises and palms had been getting along just fine based on their natural habits.  Yet when the new plants were introduced, disruption ensued as the resources and boundaries were pushed.Initially, things were “fine”.  Each stayed neatly in its own space… at least for a while.  However, several seasons came and went and the balance was upset.  Eventually, there was chaos.  The peaceful little irises had all but disappeared under the sprawl of the Ruellia simplex (Mayan Purple).  Even the native palms did not seem happy.  Sure, they were still alive, yet the fronds were misshapen, pale and unhealthy because of the competition.  It seemed like they were trying to make room for the newcomers, yet felt a bit “disrespected” in the process.

So, what’s a natural gardener to do?

I LOVE to rescue plants (always giving them a 2nd chance, even buying the damaged ones "on sale" at various stores).  As such, I spoke with the plants and let them know that we needed to reestablish a bit of order, especially since this was my front yard in a lovely neighborhood with a homeowner’s association.  I gently cut back the overgrown Ruellia, removed the damaged fronds of the native palms and welcomed the irises back into center stage (as they had been pummeled by the most recent invasive plants).  I even placed most of the Ruellia cuttings in soil to root for pots later.

Positive Perspectives

After setting those boundaries, I gently watered all the plants and gave them some time and space to see what would happen next.  Clear boundaries needed to be enforced for any of the plants to thrive in this limited space.  We are heading into the warmer months here in Florida, and I’m a “tough love” gardener (especially when it comes to water).  Finding the RIGHT place for the right plants seems like a “no brainer” when it comes to gardening- so why is it so difficult when it comes to people and immigration?It must be because emotions get involved and we assume that we know how everyone feels (based on how we feel) … but is that a fair assumption?  I think not!  Are we asking newcomers about their intentions when they arrive, or are we simply assuming we know what brings them to our unfamiliar shores?  Instead of placing blame and finding others at fault, perhaps it may be more productive to honestly look at the “gardening guide” of the plant/ people in question.  Are they a solitary, clumping species; do they favor certain companion plants, or do they spread (as is the natural habit of Ruellia simplex, per the tag)?  None of the plants was “at fault” based on nature’s rules; yet like any organism placed in non-native settings, they can cause harm in their new homes...

Choices have Consequences

What I need to do in the future is to know exactly WHERE I plan to introduce new plants (native vs non-native), the RESOURCES available and WHAT their natural habits/ intentions may be.   If, however, I neglect to do MY job (proper research/ vetting), I should not be surprised if the outcome fails to meet my original expectations… My short-term happiness (enjoying the exotic flowers) should NOT take precedence over the long-term harmony and balance of the existing flora and fauna.

EFFECTIVE HealthCare for America

TRUE HealthCare should focus on SO much more than insurance, pills, fancy tests and access.  Don’t you think it should be centered around RESULTS like Vitality and Quality of Life?  Sadly, despite spending the MOST money, per capita ($8713/ year)  of any of the 34 OECD countries, the life expectancy in the United States is #27 (78.7 years vs the average of 80.20).  We are obviously not getting much Bang for our Buck! Instead of arguing about EXPANDING ineffective HeathCare (like we have now) why don’t we examine cultures on Earth where people enjoy the highest life expectancies and quality of life, overall. It seems logical to learn from those who have succeeded, instead of continuing to support a failed system in the USA. A team of researchers did just that over a decade ago.  They searched for evidence-based commonalities among all the places on Earth with the highest life expectancies. The concept first appeared as an international concept in the November 2005 National Geographic Magazine cover story "The Secrets of a Long Life"[3] by Dan Buettner. 

The Secrets of a Long Life 

Here are the nine things they found in common; NONE of which require a lot of money or high tech interventions. These lessons can help you — and those you love — live longer, healthier, and happier lives: Move naturally. People in Blue Zones move throughout their day. They walk, grow gardens, and are active without thinking about it.  *No gym membership required. Have a purpose. According to research, knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to 7 years of extra life expectancy.  *What makes your heart sing?  Do it!  Finds ways to slow down and deal with stress. Everyone deals with stress, but people in Blue Zones have routine ways of dealing with it, including napping and getting together with friends.  *Kairos vs Chronos time management… Eat less. The Okinawans have a saying to remind them to stop eating when they are 80% full. This 20% gap can make a difference between losing weight or gaining it.  *It takes at least 20 minutes for our brain to catch up & say “enough”! Eat plant-strong. The vast majority of the food eaten in Blue Zones is derived from plants. They eat what we would call “whole foods” rather than processed food-like products. Buettner says beans are a cornerstone of many of their diets. Drink in moderation or not at all. People in all Blue Zones, except Seventh-day Adventists in California, drink 1 to 2 glasses of red wine per day, often with a meal and with friends. But they never drink to excess. (The Seventh-day Adventists generally don’t drink alcohol at all.)  *Yeah… happy dance! Have faith. Almost all centenarians interviewed belonged to some faith-based community.  *Connection to a Power outside of ourselves is part of our body/mind/spirit balance as human beings.  Find what works for YOU! Put loved ones first. People in Blue Zones put their families first. They keep aging parent and grandparents nearby and invest in their children with time and love.  *Sharing our TIME with family is MUCH more important than sharing money!  Ask anyone on their death beds… no one says, “I wish I spent more time at the office!” Be social. Join or create social circles that support healthy behaviors.  *OK, this is the one where I (as an introvert) must stretch outside my comfort zone… baby steps with some like-minded souls.   

Non-HealthCare Factors

NOWHERE does it say that we must take 5-10 prescriptions medications daily, as is espoused by the pharmaceutical industry!  These very vital, alive elders are celebrating many more birthdays without becoming sick and frail prematurely. I suggest that we follow their lead and put more Life into our Years, instead of merely adding “sick years” to our lives… I think the most interesting finding in the Blue Zone research is that the factors which seem to most EFFECTIVELY improve overall health, vitality AND longevity, have more to do with Non-HealthCare components listed in the OECD tables as Tobacco, Alcohol, Food consumption (fats, sugar, etc) and Body Weight.   It’s ALL about healthy lifestyle choices and movement! Imagine how liberating it would feel to envision a life of vitality and purpose well into our 80’s and 90’s… It IS possible and I support this amazing new narrative!!! We create the reality that we are constantly holding in our consciousness.  Instead of worrying about the current HealthCare bill in congress, I suggest that we do what WORKS!  Stop worrying… get outside and move… reconnect with friends and family… and eat a smaller, sensible plant based diet (without sugar).  These are PROVEN to be the most EFFECTIVE way to improve health! 

Our Healthy New Narrative

 Less is More!  There is NO COST to do these simple lifestyle modifications; nor is any special “insurance” needed.  IF a PILL could be marketed to add 10-15 extra HEALTHY years to our lives, everyone would be insisting that their healthcare provider ordered it for them.  We obviously don’t need any more pills- we simply need to embrace our innate health!  We are NOT broken and can make fresh choices each day! As can be seen by the Blue Zone cultures, we need NO EXPERT OR MEDICATION outside of ourselves to lead positive, empowered, and vital lives.  If we are making sensible life-style choices, we don’t have to worry about the HealthCare safety net.  My challenge to us all is to reclaim our “joie de vivre” and find our reason to get up each morning.  In so doing, I suspect we will begin to truly FLOURISH and enjoy this crazy adventure called LIFE, so much MORE!  The “experts” in Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan and even Loma Linda, CA have figured it out and are LIVING IT… so can WE! 

Political Parties- Left, Right and Balanced

What’s wrong with Political Parties in the USA today?  I’ve been trying to understand it in an objective, and “un-triggered” fashion- yet the LEFT’s unhinged response to President Trump’s victory and his attempts to protect our country makes no sense to me.  Since I am not an activist or radical, I decided to draw on my expertise in nursing and biology to attempt to understand the violent, impassioned behavior flooding the media and our world today.Obviously, we have two basic political parties in the USA- The Democratic Liberals on the LEFT and Republican Conservatives on the RIGHT.  Sounds polarized already, but wait, it can get better.  When healthy, both parties provide important counterbalance to the other- But today, it’s more of a bullying, spoiled children’s tantrum, funded by a wealthy benefactor (Soros) whose goal is to see the demise of the USA as we know it.Why don’t we BOTH gang up AGAINST Soros- I doubt that any US Citizen, regardless of political affiliation, wants to see America fail.  What we need is a fresh new Meme/ Brand- a different way of looking at our political parties.  Stop the rivalry- it is SO counterproductive! What if we started seeing the political parties as the two hemispheres of the brain within the body of America?

The body functions best when there is balance.

Stop the “Us vs. Them” mentality, and acknowledge/ embrace the struggle for balance in our own left and right brain hemispheres.  Trying to operate the body JUST with the left brain (LOGIC-controls RIGHT side of body- Republicans), or with JUST the right brain (FEELINGS- controls LEFT side of body- Democrats) provides a limited, unbalanced experience of life.  Check out the picture to get a better feel for the complementary aspects of the hemispheres.That’s pretty much where I see our current political divide in America today.  Instead of seeing the value in the opposite side (other ½ of self), we are making the “other” the VILLAIN- basically trying to harm or kill a part of ourselves that we cannot accept or understand.  It is obvious that both sides are hurting (and acting like spoiled children).  Yet, yelling at each other, calling names and inciting violence heals absolutely NOTHING!  We need to open our eyes, hearts and minds and realize that each side has value and is a critical part of the greater whole (the body, America).  Just because we process the world in a different way doesn’t make our views better or worse, just that they are coming from a different perspective.

Complementary Perspectives in Politics

For example, some people prefer ART and others MATH.  My friend looks at life more SUBJECTIVELY while I am more OBJECTIVE.  Neither is “correct” just uniquely different.  Should ART try to destroy MATH, or vice versa?  What if we only FELT our way subjectively through life, without taking into account any objective FACTS?  We’d have our blinders on and possibly get taken advantage of, if we weren’t aware of the blind spots in our field of vision.  Obviously, both hemispheres (parties) are critical to a healthy, holistic America.  Start working together, complementing one another instead of fighting.  If we don’t find a solution, I fear a stroke coming on with paralysis damaging the entire body, America.God Bless America!

Peaceful Inauguration Reflection

The Orderly and Peaceful transfer of power- the hallmark of a true democracy… our Constitutional Republic!

What an amazing day of reflection this has been for me and hopefully for us all.  I can recall a few short years ago, in 2009, standing in the cold for many hours to welcome Barack Hussein Obama into office… I was on Active Duty with the US Coast Guard and was blessed to be chosen as one of the military cordon rendering honors (hand salute) to the new president along the parade route.   It began as a weary pre-dawn trip to Andrews AFB where we waited patiently in a cold hangar for the coordination of the historic inaugural celebration.Despite not voting for Barack Obama, I was honored to welcome him into the leadership role of our military and our entire country, and I prayed for his success.  After all, the success or failure of our country is up to each one of us, and we have a CHOICE… be part of the solution, or be part of the problem.  Our country is about its people and not about a single individual… recall, “We, the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility..."

Fear or Freedom for All

Many of my associates have been voicing fear with President Trump at the helm.  As I typically seek to understand, I asked about their fear.  Quite often, it was nebulous, just a free-floating fear or anxiety about their safety… Really?  After all of the riots and self-initiated destruction over the last several months?  Perhaps it is time to take responsibility for the negativity which continues to permeate our culture.  How can we possibly heal if we keep poking the painful areas and spitting in the slow-healing wounds?   Is our negative energy causing the continued turmoil… draining us of our Vitality and tranquility?FEAR as noted in Wikipedia, “is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. Fear in human beings may occur in response to a specific stimulus occurring in the present, or in anticipation or expectation of a future threat perceived as a risk to body or life”.    As stated it Wiki, perception is at the root of fear.  So today, I offer three acronym options for this interpretation of FEAR-

Which meaning will be most healing for our United States of America?

-         False Expectations, Appearing Real… at the heart of slanted media portrayals.-         Finding Excuses and Reasons… at the heart of liberal/ progressive disappointment.-         Face Everything, and Rejoice- My choice- where I pray that those who say they feel FEAR will ultimately face everything (good, bad and ugly) and continue to rejoice in the possibilities.  Even when we make mistakes, it is only through acknowledging the errors that we can learn and move forward in a HEALTHY way.As we know, energy follows the thought.  It is time that we stop allowing FEAR to drain us of our innate VITALITY.  Open our hearts to embrace one another with LOVE & acceptance, listen to the pain that permeates our society (so that it can be released), and work together to harness our energy in a POSITIVE way to empower one another and our country.God Bless America and God Bless President Donald J. Trump and Vice-President Michael R. Pence!

Tough Love!

Dear Unhappy Election Friends,I awakened this morning and just HAD to share my thoughts, so here they are.  There will be no “name calling” or shaming!  I am simply going to ask you some questions and share some observations with you.  Take what you want, and leave the rest… 1.      Have you ever heard the adage, “Actions speak louder than words?”  Well, your actions are 180 degrees in opposition of your claims of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.  What you are telling me is that your word cannot be trusted; as such, you are making me suspicious of you (when I was not suspicious before).  I don't think that is the message you are trying to send.2.      “It’s not all about YOU!”  Funny thing, this country’s story is about ALL the 310 million souls who live here; most of whom are PROUD of their country and respect one another and the American flag. IF you are upset about something, then make a list, offer SOLUTIONS and follow the process that other people in a constitutional republic follow… the Rule of LAW.   ·        “In God we trust”- our motto (PS- Your God doesn’t have to look like my God)·        “E pluribus unum”- Latin for “Out of many, one” 3.      While many of the protesters may be older, I’m still seeing a lot of teenagers.  Should the Voting Age be the same as the LEGAL drinking age, 21?  Is voting TOO much responsibility for you?  Especially if LOSING is not in your vocabulary- here’s some competition etiquette.   ·        I know, you were taught that “everyone who participates, wins”.  What that means is that you should feel proud of yourself for competing and giving it your ALL.  Yet in the real world of adults, there is always going to be a winner (someone who comes in first place).  If you don’t like being the loser in the game, then reframe it as, “I came in SECOND PLACE”- ALL GOOD!  Then you graciously congratulate the winner.  It’s called “Good Sportsmanship”!  Not everyone gets a trophy… ·        PS- You don’t get to change the rules AFTER the competition is over! 4.       Safety Pins-  From my perspective they are used to hold up cloth diapers, or pieces of material that have been torn and need repair.  Are these the messages you want to send by wearing the pins?  Just because YOU see things a certain way, you cannot assume that everyone else has the same frame of reference.  ·         IF you want to designate yourself as a “Safe Place” for others who may be frightened, simply “Be the Change you want to See in the World”.  Stop fighting, calling names and spreading hate- then this need for a “safe place” would not be necessary; EVERY PLACE would be a SAFE PLACE! ·        In the meantime, I’ll strive to recognize your intention about the Safety Pin.  5.      There is no “US vs THEM” unless we keep seeing ourselves as separate from each other.  WE are all part of one another (on an energetic level), and when one of us is hurting we are all hurting.  ·        USE YOUR WORDS… If you hurt, take a deep breath, be calm and tell me what is wrong, so that we can work TOGETHER to solve the problem.  You must offer suggestion as well, because I don’t know your whole story… just be honest and don’t assume that because I may not look or dress like you, that I won’t understand… I will listen, I will not judge.·        We have ALL been manipulated by the media and politicians in this election.  They had an agenda and wanted a certain outcome.  That is NOT the role of the media or the “talking heads”, so perhaps the best solution to all of this is that their press privileges get revoked until they can report the facts objectively.   We will hold all elected officials accountable, yet give them a fair chance to prove themselves! 6.      White privilege-  Really?  The first time I heard this was over the summer.  I honestly think this is another ploy by those covertly in power to continue to fuel the race issue.  It is obvious that our skin colors are all unique, and I can no more change the color of my Eastern European skin (except by tanning) than anyone else can… nor should we have to.  Furthermore, I refuse to be “shamed” for MY skin color, any more than YOU should be shamed for yours!  ·        Let’s acknowledge and release any of the old stereotypes we’ve heard and simply meet new people without any agenda- Not, “my Black friend, Angela… or my White friend, Bill… just my NEW friends Manuel, Audre and Don."·        We should be building people UP, not trying to tear them down.  ·        Instead, Let’s talk about American privilege (yet in a positive way)- AMERICAN GRATITUDE: where we celebrate all the wonderful things about our country- freedom, stability, patriotism, compassion, etc.  Help me add to this list... We would also see that If we did that, we’d be unifying together and working towards making our country HONESTLY great again for everyone!   7.      There is wonderful diversity in our nation and everyone’s job is to learn from one another.  Name Calling and Bullying is JUVENILE and unacceptable.  This is something that Hillary’s supporters were passionate about, so STOP calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you names like bigot, racist, sexist, xenophobe, misogynist, etc.  You don’t know me… yet! ·         It is human nature to notice differences- we are hard-wired to do so from a biological survival perspective.  The thing that makes us HUMAN is our ability to reason and feel.  I implore everyone to start using both our heads and hearts again looking beyond just ourselves and outward to one another with compassion.  In striking out against someone else, you are actually hurting yourself as well.  ·        PS- TOUGH LOVE works and builds people of character, strength and compassion... Give it a try! Enough said, it’s time for a cup of coffee and positive start to my day.   Namaste...   

Seek First to Understand... especially in Politics

Without stating the obvious, this has certainly been a CRAZY week in politics!  As a result, I needed to focus my energy  in a positive fashion... to try to get a handle on the polarization that has become so evident in America today.During this tumultuous political cycle, Saul Alinsky’s name kept popping up, so I did some basic research- Wow, this certainly explains A LOT!  As I see it, his guidelines may be motivation for the continued “US vs THEM” mentality in the United States of America today.While the following tactics (#1-13) may have been an effective plan at the time they were written (1971), I believe that our country has made great strides in equality, accessibility and openness over the last 45 years.  Yet, each time positive strides are made, someone is ready to stir the pot, call names, and poke the bear.

Healing "Us vs. Them"

Childish and counterproductive, especially IF the goal is unification and strengthening of our country.  However, if the covert goal is to keep the wedge between groups of citizens, in order to maintain your voter base, it makes sense that certain politicians continue to use these dated, destructive guidelines.  Personally, I agree with many citizens that it IS time to move forward and NOT “set the country back 50 years” in politics.  To do so in a healthy way, I suggest reframing Alinsky’s divisive tactics and building deep UNITY in our great country.My new “preferred pronoun” is WE… WE are all in this together.  WE are living in the same land under the same Constitution, together.  WE are the United States of America.IF there are changes to be made, WE do so in a respectful manner.  WE do not destroy property when disappointed, frustrated or angry- that may be understandable as a toddler- yet it’s time to grow up as a country.  If WE want to be taken seriously and build long-lasting equality and unity, it must be based on acceptance and understanding, not intimidation.

Rules for Radicals 2.0

Saul Alinsky's,  Rules for Radicals (1971) summary list is noted here- quite the "eye opener".   These original 13 rules and explanations are copied from the Wikipedia link.  Under each one, I have offered an updated suggestion in bold bullets.  My goal is to have us honestly look at how we ended up where we are, and hopefully build a healthier way forward together.

  1. “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.
  • Power is sourced from within and should be based on courage, not fear.  It should NOT be sourced from money, people, flesh or blood. 

2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.

  • Explore the expertise outside of your people; it provides a more inclusive perspective. 

3. “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.

  • There is no enemy. Stop causing insecurity and anxiety.  Talk openly and build consensus by sharing ideas and solutions from a variety of sources. 

4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

  • Again, there is no enemy.  WE in America have one “book of rules”, the Constitution.  It has a plan for change- follow it, and always respect how far it has brought us as a nation.

5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

  • Shaming is NOT acceptable.  If WE plan to live together in harmony, WE must stop “pushing buttons” and strive for healthy solutions and unity. 

6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.

  • A good tactic is one that has meaning; if enjoyable, that’s good too!

7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news.

  • A tactic or approach that has not produced healthy solutions should be discarded. 

8. “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.

  • Be persistent and always follow-up.  This should NOT be from the perspective of keeping people off balance, but with the goal of building consensus and solutions. 

9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.

  • Threats, really?  Provide solutions and consequences for each discussion point/ grievance.  Remember, WE will all be living together after the endeavor is complete. 

10. "The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition." It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.

  • Constant pressure is counterproductive- Too much pressure causes excess stress which often elicits hostile reactions, instead of the desired positive responses. 

11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.

  • There are positive and negative aspects to every political option.  Be careful what you push forward, as it may get accepted as it stands.  Push forward the POSITIVE!

12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.

  • The price of a successful proposition is a constructive alternative.  Never let the rival feel attacked, as they become defensive and communication shuts down.

13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

  • Pick the target goal, seek to understand, don’t make it personal and depolarize the issue.  Only by seeing similarities, building consensus and avoiding extremes can WE heal and build true unity. 

Thanks for taking the time to “listen” to my thoughts about politics and healing.  Ponder them with an open mind and heart.  BTW- The full moon is tomorrow (11/14/16- when originally written)- a great time to release that which no longer serves us… I propose we release the fear, anger and divisiveness and move towards healing and unity.  There is MUCH work to be done!Sent with continued peace, love and light,Lisa

Reclaiming Health & Vitality!

How would you feel if you learned that the “health care" industry and Big Pharma BENEFIT from the chronic illnesses that continue to affect nearly 50% of the US Adult population?  That’s right... and the US spent 86% of all health care spending in 2010 on those conditions (heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis).  You feel poorly and Big Pharma reels in $297.7 BILLION from prescription medications (2014).Wouldn’t you at least expect to start feeling BETTER (with more zest, enthusiasm, vigor and energy); to be able to come off those chronic meds soon with the help of your doctor?  Sorry- the clinical trials are not being done for that purpose… they are being conducted to find more reasons to place us on meds (lower the “risk criteria”) and to keep us on them for as long as possible.In Drugs for Life, Dumit (2012) notes that the goal of pharmaceutical marketing is, “not to cure people or to identify those who should be cured, but to grow the number of new prescriptions as much as possible.”  (p. 15).  Even more disturbing, is that health is not even a goal any longer- we’ve been programmed to start seeing ourselves as being inherently ill.  WRONG message!!!I am an innately HEALTHY human being and choose to embody this definition of VITALITY while on Earth…  "A vital person is someone whose aliveness and spirit are expressed not only in personal productivity and activity- such individuals often infectiously energize those with whom they come into contact." (Peterson and Seligman, 2004, p. 273)

What Can We Do?

Personally, I'm fed up with MISINFORMATION, both in politics and “healthcare” today.  It is time to listen to our bodies and reclaim our own HEALTH!  We are smart, rational human beings- time to make some better choices!  The good news is that instead of "drugs for life" which do little to improve overall wellbeing or vitality, we CAN regain our true HEALTH with four simple actions:  1) exercising (moving more), 2) eating better (nourishing real foods, not processed substitutes), 3) not smoking and 4) moderating alcohol consumption.  ***Reminder- Never stop your meds without consulting your doctor. 

How Can it Help?

By embracing these simple changes, not only will we all FEEL better, but the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at least "80% of all heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes would be prevented, and more than 40% of cancer cases would be prevented." (CDC, 2009, "The Power of Prevention", p. 5).  Wow, that’s powerful- MUCH better than any improvement seen with current “disease management” and totally within our own control.Let’s be Brave and stick it to Big Pharma!  YOU and I have the power within our body/mind/spirit to be healthy and live a fully vital and expansive life!  Time to stop “drinking the Kool-Aid” of fear and victimization and embrace true HEALTH and VITALITY again.  We didn’t get here overnight, and the progress may be slow… but with courage and empowerment we can make some small positive changes daily, and enjoy an adventurous, healthier lifestyle, together!