Bridging Allopathic and Complementary healing…

Lisa M. Leshko Evers, RN (our founder) has enjoyed over 30 years of nursing adventures on land and sea, with a focus on Emergency Nursing and Addiction Medicine. Ten years ago, Lisa realized that her practice was in dire need of depth and compassion, both for herself and her patients, so she ventured off into a more holistic path and dug deeply into the complexity of pain and the opioid crisis.

This ultimately led Lisa to conduct research and graduate with a Master of Arts degree in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in February 2018.

Goddard’s program allowed Lisa to explore her questions and craft new solutions for empowering body, mind, and spirit. Developing and sharing a new tool (Comfort Quest) has become part of Lisa’s own healing and self-care journey. When Lisa is not working with an integrative healing modality, she enjoys spending time in her garden, repurposing found items, and celebrating as much time with family as possible.

Lisa’s mission is to advocate for nurses and co-create Positive solutions to challenges in healthcare, and she is excited to share “Comfort Quest” with you and help you apply it to Self-Care for Nurses. Today, Lisa will speak to us on “Mindfulness & Self-Compassion”. Welcome, Lisa.



To create a world where discomfort is embraced as a guide, instead of viewed as the enemy…where healing occurs deeply in a supportive, nurturing fashion, instead of through suppression of symptoms.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
— Wayne Dyer

What We've Achieved

  • Comfort Quest article- Beginnings 8/17

  • Speaker at AHNA Regional Conference 5/18

  • Manuscript submitted for publication, “Comfort Quest- Healing Pain through a Transformative Lens… Our Heroine’s Journey.”.

  • Continual growth and expansion of positive tools to enhance Quality of Life

  • Business Cards w/ “Comfort Quest”

  • Creation of Seasonal Healing seminars

  • Kickstarter Support earned 2018 for manuscript publication…

  • New goals every day…